Our home base
stands the test of time.

Our cozy office space, located just north of Toronto, is a sturdy example of colonial architecture. Built around 1830 of locally sourced, rough hewn logs, the cabin stood for 150+ years near Canada’s Wonderland. It was home to it’s builder, Isaac Diceman and his family until they moved into a plank home nearby. Sadly, the cabin was left derelict for decades before being sold to Paul Reinhardt, who moved it to Kleinburg.

His wife ran a popular book store from the cabin for many years. The building eventually served a few other businesses but sat vacant for a bit until Kinkaid Construction embraced the synchronicity of a construction company working out of a solid structure built so long ago. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to call this charming log cabin our home base. Stop in for a tour if you are in the neighbourhood.

Anthony Esposito
has building in his blood.

Kinkaid Construction president and owner, Anthony Esposito recalls as a young boy, reading blueprints for his builder father who could not yet read English. From the age of 12 he helped out on job sites, doing as much casual labour as he was allowed. While this absolutely wouldn’t be allowed in today’s safety conscious world, this site knowledge and experience serves our company and our clients very well.

Our business is built
on our reputation.

At Kinkaid Construction, we are passionate about the fine details and committed to precision quality for our customer. Anthony Esposito often says: “good enough is just not good enough”. His high expectations lead Kinkaid and set the bar. As a result, our customer satisfaction and referral rate is high

office upstairs

Make more of your space.
Make it your own.

We take your ideas from dream to reality. Whether it’s a superb paint job to make your home feel new again, a renovation to improve function and add value to your home, or breaking ground on a new dream house, Kinkaid does it well, and does it right.

We are happy to connect directly with clients or work collaboratively with designers and architects. It’s truly satisfying to turn concepts into new and beautiful spaces that our clients are proud to call their own.

Construction methods and materials have changed and improved over the years, making a wider selection of architecture and design style possible when it comes to all aspects of building and renovating. Kinkaid Construction stays current and refuses to compromise on quality while working to provide the best value possible.